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Observing campaign : 72P-ids 2007

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This year, comet 72P/Denning-Fujikawa could be at the origin of a weakly active shower in the middle of December. According to the simulations and previsions of Mikhail Maslov, the Earth could intersect a trail release by the comet in 1952 between December the 13th and the 15th (solar longitude comprised between 259° and 261°) : .

Unfortunately for visual observers, potential meteors from this source won't be numerous, and rather weak in brightness. Moreover, the calculated radiant will be located at the coordinates RA=2740, D=-22°, that is... 13° from the Sun... making all visual observation impossible!

But if activity is observed, that should be made using radio/radar methods: Those of you who can monitor the sky at that period should do so!


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